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ADM Consulting

ADM Consulting is a Corporate HR Consulting& Training firm, we specialize in Manpower Consulting, Training and Human Capital Development, for Manufacturing, IT, ITES and Hospitality Management.

We offer our clients a multi-tier portfolio of services. Following a tailor made hiring process, each solution here benefits from the in-depth industry.

It is our USP to provide utmost support to the participants of different training programs to successfully complete the training and develop not only their technical skills but also their interpersonal skills.

Our vision is to create meaningful partnerships with organizations to enhance their performance par excellence.

Payroll Processing

We have a well-developed payroll Management system in place, which can handle the entire gamut of payroll Management including Tax planning

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Recent Jobs

Exp: 2 to 4 Years
Posted 3 months ago

Qualification: Any graduate, preferably computer science background with coding skills

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Exp: 2 to 3 Years
Hyderabad, Zaheerabad
Posted 3 months ago

Qualification: B.E.(E.C.E or E.E.E)

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Exp: 3 to 4 Years
Posted 4 months ago

Qualification: B.Tech/B.E. in Computers

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Exp: 0 to 1 Years, Exp: 1 to 2 Years
Posted 4 months ago

Qualification: Any Graduation

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Exp: 1 to 2 Years
Posted 4 months ago

Qualification: Graduation

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We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.


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