Java Front End

Exp : 6 to 12 Years
Posted 4 months ago

Qualification: B.Sc in Computers, BCA in Computers, B.Tech/B.E. in Computers.

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Job CategoryJava Front End, Recent_jobs
Job Designation:Software Developer
Qualification:B.Sc in Computers, BCA in Computers, B.Tech/B.E. in Computers
Salary:6 to 9 LAKHS
Experience:6 to 12 years
Job Description:3+ years experience with leading frontend frameworks like AngularJS or ReactJS, etc. • Experience contributing front-end code to a publicly available, consumer-focused web application. • Solid experience and understanding of HTML5, Java, CSS3, Bootstrap, CSS and JavaScript, React JS, Node/Express JS, NoSQL (vanilla JS and popular libraries like Underscore.js and jQuery) • Experience with REST-based API. • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX • Understands framework and enough of tool ecosystem of chosen language to implement end to end component with minimal assistance. • Comfortable producing and refactoring code without assistance. • Able to test drive features in programming language of choice. • Understands different major language paradigms (OOP/Functional). • Understands presence of abstraction beneath language (JVM/CLR). • Can reason about complexity of algorithms (time and space) and code (cyclomatic) Can debug code. • Can understand and resolve complex issues Design. • Can Identify design patterns in code. • Can implement design patterns with guidance. • Comfortable translating small behavior requirements into tasks & code. • Understanding of how high-quality code can lead to rapid delivery. • Basic understanding of domains and domain modelling. • Seeks out and uses appropriate abstractions. • Understands DRY and basic code hygiene factors. • Understands patterns for integration (events/services). • Understands how to leverage existing functionality outside immediate project. • Understands scope of project and when to move behaviour to other services. • Understands the importance of project instrumentation.
Job Location:Bangalore

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